Combination Course: One Trip - Two Languages

What is a Combination Course?
  • Experience bilingual cultures
  • French & English in Montreal
  • Arabic & French in Marocco
  • German & English in Germany
  • 30 lessons per week

Have you ever dreamt about learning two languages at the same time? Then it’s a dream come true with Sprachcaffe! Some of our destinations give you the possibility to book a language course and combine two different languages. Our language school in Montreal, for instance, offers our students English courses as well as French courses, while students in Frankfurt can learn German and English. It is now possible to combine the two languages and follow different lessons.

Why taking a Combination Course?

  • save time by learning 2 languages at the same time
  • save money if you cannot afford travelling in different countries
  • improve the first language and get to know/have a dive in the second language
  • be able to understand bilingual cultures
  • get advantages for your career by improving two language skills at the same time

How is your course organized?

  • 30 lessons/week (1 lesson = 45min)
  • 20 standard lessons in the primary language - Morning courses
  • 10 individual or group lessons in the secondary language - Afternoon courses

Where can you take a Combination Course?