Work Abroad and Learn a New Language

  • 8-12 week language course
  • accommodation during your course
  • job or internship of your choice
  • placement fee according to country
Make the most of being abroad! On a working holiday you’ll improve your language skills and engage in the local culture even more through working for example on a farm, in a hotel or as an au-pair. Working in another country is one of the best decisions you can make, boosting your independence and confidence, and providing invaluable experience that will make you stand out to future employers. Sprachcaffe will help you arrange your ideal placement and teach you the necessary language skills for your job. The programmes last between 22 and 48 weeks (language course of minimum 8 weeks + Working Holiday portion). Start dates depend on availability as well as the length of the language course you require prior to starting.

Work abroad - Our programmes

Sprachcaffe has access to a wide network of business partners, to whom we provide interns. There is a wide range of options in all sectors and organization sizes, where you can do an unpaid internship. We offer placements in the following industries: Media, Childcare, Information Technology, Arts & Culture, Event Management, Non-governmental Organizations, Marketing, Social Work, Sports & Leisure, Tourism, Environment, Animal Welfare and within the school.

Language course: min. 8 weeks.
Destinations: USA, Canada, UK, Europe

As an Au-Pair you’ll be integrated into the daily life of a family, and participate by performing simple tasks, e.g. shopping and babysitting. To ensure that you have the correct foundations of your destination country’s language, we will teach you the fundamentals in one of our 30 centers worldwide and then help you to find the perfect host family for you. As an au-pair, you’ll experience your chosen culture firsthand, pick up the language quickly and also make life-long friends.

In some cases, families ask their au-pairs to teach the children their native language. As your time as an au-pair is certain to lead to you mastering the local language, this is the perfect example of how mutually beneficial being an au-pair is for everyone involved.
The work of a demi-pair is much the same as that of an au-pair, only you are afforded slightly more time to pursue your personal goals, whether that means studying the language of your host country or something else.

Language course: min. 12 weeks.
Destinations: USA, Canada, UK, Europe

Experience first-hand the many sides of your host country with paid work in food service or retail. The contact with clients and colleagues will help you to improve your spoken language level. Needless to say, you’ll also have enough free time to get to know your destination. You’ll not only go home with loads of practical experience, but also with plenty of stories to tell your friends and family!

Language course: min. 8 weeks.
Destinations: USA, Canada, UK, Europe

Volunteering allows you to make a real dierence in the community you visit. You’ll meet like-minded people, gain rewarding experiences and further improve your language skills, not to mention enhance your CV and career prospects. Sprachcaffe offers a wide range of volunteering placements in different areas. A great example is working in an orphanage in Mexico. Our language school in Playa del Carmen will provide you with the necessary Spanish level. There are many other options available to you, including language teaching in Beijing?

Language course: min. 12 weeks.
Destinations: USA, Canada, Mexico, China

Awaken the cowboy within you! Prepare yourself for an action-packed lifestyle as an intern on a ranch, where you’ll also have time to take in and explore the stunning beauty of the landscapes surrounding you. Discover the authentic life in your chosen destination, while staying with an extremely friendly and welcoming farming family. This is an experience you won’t forget any time soon! We offer ranch stays in Canada and the USA, vast countries where ranches make up an important part of the rich tapestry of society. Enjoy the fresh air and wide open spaces on a horse ranch, cattle ranch, alpaca farm, orchard and more. A Panda conservation camp in China is also available in connection with a language course.

Language course: min. 8 weeks.
Destinations: USA, Canada, China

Discover golden opportunities in the German Health Industry. The country faces a shortage of qualied health personnel, which is why intensive language training in combination with our placement service could be your gateway to securing your employment in Germany. You will also gain invaluable work experience in renowned hospitals. We guide you through the application procedure and take care of all the formalities. Language course: min. 12 weeks.

What is included in the price?

Language course: intensive course, price according to price list in our catalog + registration fee Accommodation: provided for the duration of language course, price according to price list in our catalog + placement fee Insurance: compulsory (about €25/week) Flexible program placement fee (see table below)

Placement fee for internship/job of your choice

Internship 1495$ 1495$ 595€ 595£ - -
Au-pair/demi-pair 595$ 595$ 395€ 295£ - -
Retail/catering 149$ 1495$ 595€ 595£ - -
Volunteering 1495$ 1495$ - - 595$ 595€
Language & nature 1495$ 1495$ - - 795$ -
Language & medicine (Germany) - - 595€ - - -

Requirements in order to participate in the program:

18-30 (18-38 in USA)
Social status
Single (not married)
Required language level
You must have reached B2 by the end of your course with us (intermediate level)
Level of studies
Must have completed grade 11 or 12 of high school
Countries of participants' origin
EU, Australia, Chile, South Korea, Costa Rica, Hong Kong/China, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine
What else?
Have a clean criminal record + be in good health (conditions for obtaining a VISA)

Want to register?

  • Send the application form along with your CV in English and a letter of recommendation in English
  • Take an online test in order to receive a personalized offer
  • After your enrolment we will organize phone/Skype interviews in order to match you with the right program