Luggage packing checklist

Pack your things in advance and rest easy on your journey

We all know the feeling of not being sure whether we really packed everything we need. The cold sweat when you realize that you have forgotten your socks or that new shirt you really wanted to bring on your next trip! Sprachcaffe understands these struggles quite well and has therefore created a list with all items and necessities that you could and will need when traveling. You may not need to pack all the things we have listed below, but it is definitely worth going through all items in order to make sure that you are definitely not missing anything you will need at a later time. Also keep in mind that traveling with light luggage is always advantageous!

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Errands to run before your travels

o    Check the validity of your travel papers and your passport
o    Check whether any new vaccines are needed and have these done if necessary
o    Check the validity of your credit/debit card and make sure to memorize your pin well
o    Exchange currencies if required
o    Pick a travel guide
o    Obtain a valid travel health insurance that is applicable abroad and will remain valid for the entire duration of your stay  

At home before leaving

o    Turn off all electronic appliances in and around the house.
o    Empty the refrigerator
o    If applicable, leave a message on your answering machine to inform people that you will be out
o    Park your car inside a garage or secure location if you own one
o    If you do own a car, make sure it is locked and all electronic functions are switched off
o    Depending on your circumstances you may want to consider giving your keys to friends or neighbors so they can take care of your plants, pets, etc.
o    Turn the heating down or off depending on the season and for how long you will be out
o    Wash the dishes and take the trash out
o    Close all windows and lock the door(s)
o    Turn off all lights and set the automated light and blind settings (if applicable)  

Planning your journey before leaving home

o    Ask friends or neighbors to empty your mailbox and give them your mailbox key (depending on your relationship with them)
o    If you have pets, do not forget to leave behind food and instructions about how your pet needs to be fed and cleaned
o    Inform yourself about currency exchange rates
o    Read about what the climate will be like where you are headed
o    Make paper copies of important travel documents, such as your passport, your ID, your driver's license (if applicable) and your vaccination papers
o    Put all of your valuables in a safe location
o    Pay any outstanding bills
o    Change the time on your alarm or switch it off depending on your needs  

Bathroom bag items

o    Soap
o    Shampoo
o    Shower gel
o    Tooth brush and dental floss
o    Toothpaste and mouth wash
o    Brush or comb
o    Razor
o    Shaving foam
o    Deodorant
o    Perfume
o    Contact lenses
o    Care products for contact lenses
o    Glasses and glasses case
o    Sunscreen
o    After-Sun lotion
o    Facial moisturizing creme
o    Body moisturizing creme
o    Hand creme
o    Hair gel and spray
o    Nail care set
o    Lip balm
o    Cotton buds and cotton facial pads
o    Hair clips and hair bands
o    Nail polish and nail polish remover
o    Tampons and underwear pads
o    Make up utensils
o    Tissues and wet wipes
o    Wash cloth
o    Towels
o    Indoor slippers  

First aid kit

o    Individual medicines (Pills, Heart medication, insulin, etc.)
o    Medications that is required for the location you are traveling to if required
o    Vaccination papers, blood donor papers and organ donor papers
o    Pain killers
o    Cough and throat soothing drops and bonbons
o    Pills against travel sickness
o    Disinfectant wipes
o    Burn, wound, healing salve
o    Thermometer for fevers
o    Hot water bottle
o    Mosquito and other insect repellent
o    Nasal spray and inhaler
o    Plasters for wounds and blisters
o    Allergy tablets  


  o    Underwear
o    Socks
o    Tights
o    tank tops and bras
o    Shirts and blouses
o    T-shirts
o    Jumpers and hoodies
o    Long trousers or shorts
o    Skirts
o    Belt
o    Dresses
o    Coats and cardigans
o    Water resistant rain coat
o    Gloves, hat and scarf if necessary
o    Shoes, boots and trainers where required
o    Insoles
o    Handbags
o    Pajamas and nightwear
o    Shower and washing gown
o    Towels
o    Sports wear
o    Evening and formal wear
o    Clothes brush and shoe polish
o    Jewelry
o    Watch and an alarm clock if needed  


o    Instrument
o    Travel diary
o    Drawing/sketch book
o    Fishing gear
o    Walking and hiking stick
o    Photography and Video equipment as well as all relevant charging cables
o    Head phones, batteries, memory card and external hard drive
o    Altimeter
o    Playing cards
o    Dice and board games
o    Address book or post card collection book  

For the language course

o    Pencil, pen, eraser and sharpener
o    Paper and one or several note books
o    A reliable dictionary or language app  

Beach & Sun

o    Goggles and a snorkel
o    Beach towel
o    Bathing trunks, bathing suit or bikini
o    Hat or cap to shield you from the sun
o    Sun glasses
o    Sand castle and beach toys
o    Floating plastic boat or inflatable mattress
o    Ball and frisbee
o    Water flippers and your diving license
o    Beach bag
o    Sandals  

Useful things to have during your journey

o    Mobile phone
o    Alarm clock
o    Chargers for all electronic devices
o    Charger plug adapters depending on the location you are visiting
o    Cleaning utensils
o    Sewing set
o    Addresses
o    Scissors
o    Music (on your phone, mp3 player, headphones and portable speakers)
o    Hair dryer
o    Books to read whilst traveling
o    Portable laundry washing liquid (if required)
o    Washing pegs
o    Paper and other surfaces to write on
o    Pocket knife and corkscrew
o    Business cards  

Hand luggage

There must not be more than 100 ml of fluid inside each bottle or container! All items that contain liquid must be sealed inside a transparent resealable bag. Do not pack spray bottles into your hand luggage!

o    Camera
o    Headphones
o    Food and drinks
o    Sun glasses and regular glasses
o    Personal phone number for baggage recovery
o    Important medication (such as those against travel sickness or emergencies)
o    Chewing gum
o    Portable dictionary or language guide
o    Books
o    Neck pillow(s)  

Very important!

o    Money (cash)
o    Credit or debit cards
o    Personal ID(s)
o    VISA (where applicable)
o    Driver's license (needs to be valid internationally)
o    Health insurance card/papers
o    House key(s)
o    Place copies of your ID inside your luggage (where it is visible to others)
o    Tan or bank safety pin generator (for online banking)
o    Airplane and train tickets
o    Travel documents (hotel, ferry and reservations)
o    Emergency telephone numbers