My experience in Sprachcaffe St. Julian's

My language travel has been a nice and enjoyable experience. When I arrived at Malta, the bus driver was there immediately and took me and the other arriving students to Sprachcaffe St Julian’s. After a short checkin a teamer showed me my room which I shared with 2 other boys (one of them was a friend of mine who came with me to Malta). The room itself wasn’t too big but you don’t come to Malta to sit in your room anyway. In the morning I had English lessons which took from nine o’clock till quarter past twelve. In class, there was a nice atmosphere.  My teacher was kind and the lessons were interesting. Because of daily new topics and the different nationalities, it influenced the lessons. In a fifteen minute break (half past ten) all students met up in groups with their teamers to discuss what kind of activities each student wanted to take part in. The activities covered a big variety: volley ball tournaments, city trips or student partys.

But of course you didn’t have to spend your whole time doing trips if you wanted to pool or go to a nearby beach. In regards to food you had different options. You could get the standard (prepaid) meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner in the school. If you wanted to invest a bit more it was possible to eat in the bistro located on the Sprachcaffe club village or in a restaurant in St Julian’s. After all I can say a language travel is a great opportunity for students to improve their language skills, meet new people from other countries and have a nice vacation.


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