Social Activities

Social Activities
  • Dancing & drumming in Cuba & Mexico
  • Cooking in Mexico & Italy
  • Diving in Malta
  • Tai Chi & painting in China

Sprachcaffe gives you the opportunity to combine your course lessons with specialised and exciting activities which will keep your leisure time full of excitement! However, our Social Activities are not just for language course students, anyone and everyone is welcome to enjoy these wonderful activities!

Whether you enjoy diving in Malta, Salsa dancing in Cuba or learning to cook new recipes in Calabria, our Social  Activities will introduce you to new cultural and social experiences and give you a direct insight into daily life of locals.

Our exciting activities include:

  • Cuba: Dancing and drumming classes
    Your chance to learn Salsa, Reggaeton and Tango in Cuba with experienced dance partners at the Academia de Baile Ritmo Cubano. Join us and feel the Cuban rhythm with your personal dancing partner.
  • Mexico: Cooking and dancing classes
    Take a cooking course in Mexico and let our experienced local chefs teach you how to prepare exotic dishes and spicy meals. Or why not get moving to passionate Latin American rhythms during some fun dancing classes?
  • Italy:Cooking classes
    If you enjoy and have fun cooking then try cooking under the instruction of a professional cook in the home of a unique food culture - Italy! In our culinary school we have all the ingredients for an excurision into the world of culinary pleasures.
  • Malta:Diving classes
    Our Scuba Diving Courses are suitable for everyone, even absolute beginners, and you will be guided by our professional and experienced diving instructors around magnificent Maltese coastline.

  • China: Tai Chi and painting classes
    Feel the perfect combination of the old and new in China! Go back in time as you learn the ancient art of Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art or learn one of the oldest traditions in the world when you take a Chinese painting course.