Tips for learners

Tips for learners
  • Keep distractions to a minimum
  • Make flash cards
  • Repeat dialogues and texts
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  • Chose a suitable place to study in where the things you will need are close at hand and keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Make a list before starting out, including the necessary study materials, the assignment steps and processes, when these assignments are due, and remember to put breaks into your schedule.
  • Work with dictionaries and reference material that allow you to check up on things quickly and easily.
  • Make flash cards or charts with the new vocabulary and structures learnt in class. For the nouns, first write the gender (the definite article el and la for the singular and los and las for the plural). For verbs write the past tense and the past participle, as well as the auxiliary verbs used with the main verbs. For prepositions, write out in what cases each one is used and provide a few examples. New vocabulary should always be placed in the context it is usually used in.
  • In order to improve your oral performance in every day life situations, try and repeat the dialogues and texts used in class, try paraphrasing them and eventually coming up with new ones based on what you have learned so far.
  • In order to improve reading skills, try and get used to following a series of steps during the reading process: scan the text, pick out the key words, identify what the theme topics of the text are, pay attention to how the text is structured in relation to content, identify characters, things, events, contexts, tense, setting, etc.
  • To improve your writing skills, work in the following way: determine what theme you wish to write on, collect information on your topic, organize the text by using a concept map, form your sentences and then revise and correct the final result.
  • Take a break. In order to perceive your learning as something pleasant, compensate the hours of concentration with fun activities. Our Spanish language courses combine your learning with relaxation and adventure!