Wendy's experience at Sprachcaffe Victoria

Hi, this is Wendy. I came to GEOS two times. The first time was last summer holiday. That was an amazing experience for me. Great Teachers, vivid classes, and nice atmosphere. That was my impression of GEOS. First time I came here, the classes were pretty challenging for me, you know, I have never talked with others in English like this before! And What I learned from that time was not only English and self-confidence.  I was a quiet girl in my school. GEOS gave me room to express my thought, and I can feel the teachers respect to my ideas. I really thank for them. The second time I came here, I made lots of friends because it is a quite a long time. I am still keeping in touch with some of them. It is really interesting to learn things from people who come from other countries. Really like GEOS. I would like to recommend it to all my friends who came to Victoria! WendyLink to original testimonial