Eating out in Havana

Eating out in Havana
  • Exotic, Caribbean cuisine
  • Traditional Cuban rum
  • Handmade Cuban cigars
  • Delicious coffee

With the vast cultural history Cuban cuisine has in its favor, mealtimes here will be sure to satisfy palates from all kinds of places. Find more detailed culinary information here to see what you can expect to be served on this unique island or if you feel like trying your own hand at Cuban cooking,have a look at these authentic recipes…

There are several other aspects related to Cuban cuisine and culture in general to take into account when in Havana. Trying typical drinks that use rum, such as the Daiquiri and the Mojito is a must, at least once! If avoiding alcoholic drinks, a delicious Cuban coffee may be just the thing for you. And Cuban cigars are not to be missed either – heralded as the finest cigars worldwide, they make a great keepsake or gift.

Taking a Spanish Course in Havana is a great opportunity to try out the delicious local cuisine.