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This is definitely a city with its own individuality and flair. Havana is the focal point of Cuban culture featuring many artists, musicians, dancers and literary figures. The colonial charm that combines effortlessly with features of modern day society imported from other parts of the world makes this city one of deep contrasts. The locals here are very friendly and fun loving and most visitors will find themselves reluctant to leave at the end of their stay. Havana cannot help but leave an impression on those who pass through. Its uniqueness, friendliness and great weather are just some of the reasons why people from all over the world are attracted to Havana.

Trying out Cuba’s tastes and smells is also something that is sure to stays in one’s memory for a long time. The unmistakable aroma of fine Cuban cigars, the delicious cocktails made with another of Cuba’s specialties rum, and the strong tempting aroma of a typical black Cuban coffee are all reflections of what is truly Cuban.

The lifestyle here is colorful and varied and involves a wonderful blend of tastes, smells and sounds: from the almost always hot weather to the incredible natural beauty of the beaches and inland regions, to the infectious rhythms of the Cuban son and the ever popular salsa nightclubs. Havana’s bustling atmosphere seems somehow suspended in time and will, at times, give visitors the strange feeling of stepping back in time.

Nightlife in Havana

Cuba is a warm, friendly island that vibrates with the unmistakable Cuban beats and rhythms...

Eating in Havana

With the vast cultural history Cuban cuisine has in its favor, mealtimes here will be sure to satisfy palates from all kinds of places.

Shopping in Havana

The typical Cuban products, that are a must when searching for souvenirs to take home include Cuban cigars, rum and coffee.