Havana Highlights - sights and attractions

Attractions in Havana
  • Central Railway Station
  • Carmen Montilla House
  • José Martí National Library
  • Fraternity Park
  • National Theatre of Cuba
  • Revolution Square
  • José Martí's House
  • Cristóbal Colón Cemetery

Attractions in Havana

The Cuban capital city offers almost endless opportunities to learn about the history and culture of the Republic. Here are some interesting sights to see in Havana that shouldn't be missed:

  • Central Railway Station - Once a military arsenal, the Central Railway Station was later the city’s first railway station.
  • Carmen Montilla House - The place where Venezuelan painter Carmen Montilla created a workshop and gallery is a beautifully restored 18th century house that preserves a piece of Cuban history.
  • José Martí National Library - The library that bears the name of the Cuban national hero currently houses over two million volumes, as well as other writings that were published both locally and abroad.
  • Fraternity Park - The former military training camp was turned into the American Fraternity Park in 1929 and was named after a dedication honoring the roots that unite American peoples.
  • National Theatre of Cuba - In a country and city with such a wide range of artistic talents and performing arts, this theatre has provided the center stage for many a music, dance and theatre festival.
  • Revolution Square - The former "Civic Square" was a central stage where many concentrations, parades and combative revolutionary acts where held during the Cuban Revolution.
  • José Martí's House - Visit the birthplace of the journalist, publisher and national hero José Martí, which is now a museum and National Monument.
  • Cristóbal Colón Cemetery - This Cemetery has an endless amount of very valuable artistic works, which can be found in the architecture and engravings and sculptures of the Cemetery monuments, chapels, pantheons and epitaphs.