Nightlife in Havana

Overview Nightlife in Havana
  • Nightclubs with Salsa music
  • Enjoy Cuba's famous rum in a bar
  • Traditional ballet or opera
  • Authentic movie theatres

Cuba is a warm, friendly island that vibrates with the unmistakable Cuban beats and rhythms and that exudes interesting cultural aspects that visitors can enjoy and absorb.

Havana, as Cuba’s capital, naturally concentrates most of the Cuban nightlife here, although the Varadero beaches and the tourist resorts also offer great evening entertainment. When we think of Cuba, salsa is not far behind. It is one of the country’s most known features and all visitors should try swaying their hips to the infectious Cuban rhythms at least once. You can try taking lessons with a Cuban dance teacher or simply go to one of the many nightclubs at night such as Tropicana and the Varadero Mambo and learn there! It is great fun to go to a club such as this in a group. There are many great bars around Havana, featuring some of Cuba's typical cocktails and famous rum, that make a great outing with friends.

But Havana nights are not only made up of salsa… this charming island has a whole range of cultural activities that are perfect for an evening out. The theatre, the opera and ballet are all excellent here and generally not that expensive.

For those that enjoy the movies, there are some movie theatres showing films in their original language with Spanish subtitles but in general the films have been translated into Spanish – which is actually a wonderful way of practicing your Spanish!!

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