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Spaniards are big on appearance. And despite the fact that Malaga isn’t a major fashion center such as Barcelona or Paris, clothes still count. People in Malaga tend to dress conservatively and elegantly, even for casual occasions.

There is no formal dress code here, but even so, some customary ‘norms’ are followed especially in a business context. Of course, business attire depends on the workplace, but men usually wear jackets and ties, even in warm weather, while women tend to wear skirts or pant suits. With the warm climate, it is tempting to wear as little as possible; however people here tend to be particular about what they wear around town. You won’t see locals in shorts and other beach wear when not on the beach. It is not in good taste for tourists who go shopping or sightseeing (especially the cathedrals and other churches) to wear skimpy beach clothing. That is best left to the beach.

If going out for a meal, particularly to an average to high quality restaurant be sure to wear something a little more dressy than something you would just use around the house. You will find that locals will usually dress stylishly for such outings, keeping up with the latest trends.