Malaga Museums

Museums in Malaga
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Museum of the Sea
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Popular Arts & Customs
  • Ceramic Museum
  • Cathedral Museum
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation

Archaeological Museum

Located in the main palace of the La Alcazaba fortress/castle, this museum is found in several of the internal courtyards with typical Moorish decoration and a Mudejar ceiling. The palace’s gardens are dotted with scattered gravestones and what is left of old sarcophagi.

The museum contains a series of archaeological findings from the Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Gothic and Moorish eras. There is also a Prehistoric collection which includes a number of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Iron and Bronze-age exhibits, most of which where found near the Pileta and Victoria caves region.

The museum’s most impressive exhibitions include Roman sculptures and mosaics, and Arab glassware and gilded ceramics. Coins from various different eras are also to be seen, as are several scale models of the Alcazaba itself.

Opening hours:
Mondays-Saturdays from 9.30 am to 7 pm.

La Alcazaba
C/ Alcazabilla s/n
Phone 952 21 60 05

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