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Museums in Malaga
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  • Museum of the Sea
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Popular Arts & Customs
  • Ceramic Museum
  • Cathedral Museum
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation

Museum of the Sea - Museo Acuario Aula del Mar

This museum features all sorts of marine flora and fauna of the Alboran Sea and contains over 500 live specimens of around 100 different species. They are housed in a large number of aquariums in the museum complex. It is the only centre dedicated to the rescue of endangered sea animals, especially dolphins and sea turtles.

The museum also has exhibits featuring life at sea, containing ships, scale models and fishing tools.

Opening hours:
Daily: 10 am – 2:30 pm

Manuel Agustin Heredia, 35.
Phone 952 21 97 61

Are you a marine biology enthusiast? Then drop by this impressive museum and see the aquariums in between your Spanish lessons of one of our Spanish Language Courses in Malaga.