Malaga Highlights - sights and attractions

Attractions in Malaga
  • Malagueta beaches
  • Malagueta bullring
  • Gibralfaro Castle
  • Cervantes Theater
  • Atarazanas central market
  • Malaga Town Hall
  • Churches in Malaga
  • Botanical garden El Retiro
  • Botanical garden La Concepción
  • Alcazaba fortress


This old Arabic castle-fortress is Malaga’s emblematic symbol, an impressive monument that speaks of the Moors that once lived here. It was constructed in the 11th century, under directions of Sultan Badis, ruler of what was at the time, the Moorish province of Granada. He wished to have a fortified palace.

This major landmark in the Malagan landscape sits perched on a hill above a bay and boasts a spectacular view of the town and harbor. The construction itself features ten major towers, each with unique details and beautiful gateways such as the Puerta de las Columnas, Arco del Cristo and Arcos de Granada. Inside its protective walls, visitors will find a host of attractive gardens adorned with beautiful fountains and benches.

This impressive monument was declared a national heritage site by UNESCO in 1931, the same year that restoration work begin to preserve this important part of history. Definitely a must on any visitor’s itinerary.

Visiting this major landmark is sure to transport you right back to the times when the Moors dominated a significant part of Spain. Be sure to add it to your itinerary when visiting Malaga for a Spanish Language Course.