Malaga Highlights - sights and attractions

Attractions in Malaga
  • Malagueta beaches
  • Malagueta bullring
  • Gibralfaro Castle
  • Cervantes Theater
  • Atarazanas central market
  • Malaga Town Hall
  • Churches in Malaga
  • Botanical garden El Retiro
  • Botanical garden La Concepción
  • Alcazaba fortress

Central Market of Atarazanas

One of Malaga 's most colorful and lively places, this market was built on what was once a Moorish shipyard with the main facade features the typical style of the Nazar dynasty.

This bustling interior exudes delicious aromas and the typical cries of salesmen calling out their wares. The markets are a great place to stroll around in and spend a leisurely morning wondering at the many things on sale. A great way to soak up some true Malagan culture.

The market place is open every morning until two in the afternoon.

This is a great place to come to while taking your Spanish Language Course in Malaga - all kinds of things can be found here.