Malaga Highlights - sights and attractions

Attractions in Malaga
  • Malagueta beaches
  • Malagueta bullring
  • Gibralfaro Castle
  • Cervantes Theater
  • Atarazanas central market
  • Malaga Town Hall
  • Churches in Malaga
  • Botanical garden El Retiro
  • Botanical garden La Concepción
  • Alcazaba fortress

Botanical garden La Concepción

Probable one of the best tropical gardens in all of Europe, Jardín Botánico La Concepción houses an endless variety of palm trees and over 3000 native plants from all shorts of warmer regions around the world such as Mexico, India, Java, Australia, China, Japan and Formosa and is dotted with quaint fountains, statues, a small palatial house and a lookout from which to take in Malaga’s beauty.

The garden was created in the mid-19th Century by Amalia Heredia Livermore, granddaughter of an English consul and wife of a very successful businessman. Even so, it only officially opened to the public 10 years ago. The gardens also house a plant and tree museum as well as a workshop for young people to learn gardening and masonry skills in.

Discover the beauty of these botanical gardens during your stay in Malaga for a Spanish Language Course.