Malaga Highlights - sights and attractions

Attractions in Malaga
  • Malagueta beaches
  • Malagueta bullring
  • Gibralfaro Castle
  • Cervantes Theater
  • Atarazanas central market
  • Malaga Town Hall
  • Churches in Malaga
  • Botanical garden El Retiro
  • Botanical garden La Concepción
  • Alcazaba fortress

Malagueta bullring

For those keen on getting more of that true Spanish flavor, at least one visit to the Malagueta Bullring is recommended. As politically incorrect as the 'sport' may seem nowadays, it is still part of Spanish culture.

Located at the end of Paseo del Parque close to La Malagueta beach, the city's majestic bullring was designed in 1874 by Joaquín Rucoba and definitely adds to the city's historical and cultural past. Bullfighting in Spain is all about tradition and makes for an interesting and unforgettable show - the afternoon heat, the vivid red and golden colors of the torero's traje de luces (his fighting costume), the raw power of the strong bulls, the sand and the enthusiastic crowd with cries of "Ole!!"

If you're an avid bullfighting fan you cannot leave Malaga before stopping over at the famous Malagueta Bullring. Learn all about bullfighting while taking your Spanish Language Course in Malaga.