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As Malaga is all about the famous Costa del Sol, it is only natural that beach and water activities take first place here. Popular water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing and riding on jet skis are all activities that are available throughout the summer all along the coast. Boating activities are also high in the rankings, with many marinas dotted all along the coastlines.

The agreeable weather is also ideal for other outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding and playing tennis or golf. Golf in Malaga is especially good with many choice golf courses to choose from and is one of the biggest attractions on the Costa del Sol. Some of the best golf courses to visit if you’re keen on golf (there are reportedly over 30) include Royal Málaga Country Club, El Candado Golf Club, Guadahlorce Golf Club and Baviera Golf.

Bullfighting, if not quite a politically correct sport anymore, still exudes Spanish charm and tradition and is worthwhile if you don’t get too queasy and wish to soak up some Spanish culture.

We also recommend sport centers like Carranque, Tiro de Pichon or La Trinidad for those who wish to participate in sporting activities such as racquetball, volleyball and basketball.

Do you enjoy playing golf? You'll most certainly get the chance to play on one of the many golf courses while here for a Spanish Language Course in Malaga.