The Weather in Malaga and What to Wear

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Weather in Malaga

Malaga enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round, with bright sunny days for the greater part of the year. The combination of mountainous terrain together with the coastline ensures a very mild winter with an average maximum temperature of 22.8º C and a minimum of 13º C. Summers are dry and hot and can reach temperatures that go well into the 30’s. Fortunately due to low humidity, the heat is comfortable and not sticky or sultry at all.

The weather in Malaga can be slightly unpredictable, with a few sporadic showers especially in October (autumn) and April-May (spring) and also some rainfall during winter.

If you are in Malaga during the summer months, it is advisable to bring mostly clothes that will keep you cool, but save some room for a jacket and a few jumpers for the evenings and just in case there are some cooler days. Clothing during wintertime will have to be a little warmer, because despite the sun, windy days can bring down the temperatures. Remember if you're coming during winter to add a pair of slippers – generally indoor floors are marble or slate and get very cold for your feet!

Average Temperature

Degree (Celsius) 16°17°19°21°24°28°
Degree (Celsius)30°30°28°24°20°17°