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  • Yucatan Fair
  • Bird watching
  • Autumn festival
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Events and Celebrations in Playa del Carmen

Being a rather small beach town, Playa doesn’t have many of its own festivals. Rather, locals participate in the events and festivals staged by some of the bigger places on the Yucatan peninsula, such as in Cancun for instance. Some of the region’s traditional events include:

Yucatan Fair

This lively, colorful fair started out as a stock breeder event and to this day is still the most important event in the stock breeder trading industry in Mexico. However, many features have been added as the years went by to make this a true celebration, so besides livestock, you will also come across many other regional products, small theme parks, horse races, children’s’ shows, entertainers, cockfights and the traditional Palenque festival.

Bird Festival

For several years now, an annual bird watching festival has been held in Yucatán, usually around November, where enthusiasts can participate in workshops, conferences and exhibitions.

Autumn Cultural Festival

Another annual festival typical of the region, this festival celebrates Mexico’s and particularly, Yucatan’s culture through lively and original music, dance and theatre productions.

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