Playa del Carmen Travel Guide

About Cozumel Island
  • Mexico's biggest island
  • Paradise for snorkeling and diving
  • 30 minutes ferry trip from Playa del Carmen
  • Stopover for US cruise ships

Cozumel Island

This island, which lies exactly across from Playa del Carmen can be seen from the opposite shore and is Mexico’s largest island. The island’s biggest attractions are the diving and snorkeling sites. There is a lot of shopping to do here as Cozumel is a stop-over for many cruises. The stores and restaurants in the island’s town, San Miguel, is aimed mainly at an American-style public, so places such as The Hard Rock Café and other franchises can be found here.

The ferry service between Cozumel and Playa runs every hour, with each trip lasting around 30 minutes. Fees are around 15 USD for a round trip.