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Shopping in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen's epicenter and main shopping street, referred to as Quinta Avenida or just la Quinta, is always bursting with friendly energy, filled with bars restaurants and stores, shops and booths selling all sorts of jewelry, souvenirs, arts and crafts, fashion and knickknacks. This is a pedestrian only street, so you can stroll down at the pace you like, gazing at all the wares on offer.

Variety and color are definitely two of la Quinta’s most prominent features. Handcrafts that are representative of Mexico's many different regions such as furniture, paper maché, woodwork, woven cloths and silver jewelry are just some of the things you'll come across here. Prices are truly not that high and the quality of many of these products is very good. Great footwear and clothing are also available. There are even some great galleries displaying artwork by artists from San Cristóbal or Oaxaca.

The items on sale have absorbed the influences of many different cultures and you will find that many things have incorporated international aspects into their designs, particularly from Brazil, Africa and Asia. These have blended with ancient Maya designs to create truly unique products.

Playa also has a great shopping mall, which is fairly new, called Paseo del Carmen. The stores, boutiques and restaurants here are of a more exclusive ambiance than you will find on la Quinta.

Just remember, put on some comfortable shoes, some sunscreen, maybe even a hat and get ready for a busy and enjoyable day of shopping! Treat yourself to a shopping spree while in town for your Spanish Language Course in Playa del Carmen.