Overview Sports
  • Water sports: sailing, fishing, surfing, ...
  • Unique spot for diving and snorkeling
  • Para sailing, golf, tennis, basketball

Sports in Playa del Carmen

Playa is an ideal place to relax in – to kick back your feet and simple do nothing for a while. But it is also a place for the sporty type, those who love to stay active. Playa has a lot to offer sports wise. Let’s see if any of the following take your fancy…

  • DIVING: Playa has great corral reefs bordering the coastline, which are simply teeming with exquisite species of marine life. Part of the biggest barrier reef in the world, second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, it attracts many diving enthusiasts. In Playa itself you will find several diving stores carrying any equipment you may need on all kinds of different dives.
  • FISHING: With the rich marine fauna and flora, Playa has an incredibly broad range of fish swimming in its waters. It is renowned for a great fishing location and frequented by many fishing enthusiasts.
  • SAILING: Another active yet relaxing option is chartering a catamaran or small sailboat and making a day cruise of it… Spectacular weather ensure perfect sailing conditions to enjoy the Caribbean sea with your family and friends.
  • OTHER WATER SPORTS: Of course, other popular water sports such as snorkeling, kite surfing and wind surfing are also available.
  • PARASAILING: A rather more daring option, gazing down on your holiday destination from the heavens offers an original, thrilling and very different viewpoint.
  • GOLFING: What is a spectacular beach town, seaside resort without decent golfing facilities? The kinds of crowds that Playa attracts certainly calls for a first rate golf course, and it has one! South of Playa’s main center, in a place called Playacar, you will find an 18-hole course designed by Robert van Hagge.
  • SPORTS CENTER: Referred to in Playa as the “Unidad Deportiva”, this center has sporting facilities for those who enjoy tennis and basketball.
  • HEALTH CLUB: there are several well equipped gyms where you can join yoga, toning or aerobics classes and do some weight training.