Overview Transportation
  • Arrival usually by plane
  • Taxis and busses in Playa
  • Short walking distances in Playa
  • Rental car for trips

Transport in Playa del Carmen

Those heading to Playa del Carmen will most likely arrive by plane, which will land either at Cancún International Airport, around 45 minutes' drive from Playa or at the international airport in Cozumel, also close by to Playa. Playa del Carmen itself has a small airport that is used mainly for short flights, for example to access some of the ancient ruins or Cozumel. There are different ways of getting to Playa del Carmen.

Moving around Playa del Carmen

Depending on where you are headed, there are different options to choose from. Playa is fairly small and most places are easily reached on foot. Otherwise, just jump into one of the many taxis there. It is really not worth having a car of your own here. Bikes and scooters are also handy forms of transport – you can easily hire these in Playa. If you’re planning on going further than Playa on a day trip, you can take a bus or you may prefer renting a car.

Our Spanish Language School in Playa del Carmen is ideally situated and students will have no problems at all in getting around town.