Overview Weather
  • Subtropical climate
  • Hot summers with a high humidity
  • Rain and storms in autumn
  • Mild and warm winter

Weather in Playa del Carmen

With the sub-tropical climate, this is a very warm and often hot area throughout most of the year. Located south of the Tropic of Cancer, the sun is very intense and plenty of sunscreen is recommended. Average temperature is around 27º. Around this area humidity is also a factor to take into consideration. The average level of humidity hovers around 90%.

During the summer months, June to August, it is HOT in Playa. Be sure to wear light clothes, preferably of natural fibers such as cotton and hats are important too! Sunscreen is a must here, for all skin types as the sun rays are particularly strong this time of year.

Autumn is a rainy and stormy season for Playa, with a few hurricanes and tropical storms here and there. During the winter the average temperature drops a little but by no means can it be considered a cold winter. Light sweaters and jackets should be fine at this time of year.

When packing for a holiday here in Playa del Carmen, be sure to pack cool clothes, beach towels, hats, sunglasses, a light jacket and pants for wintertime and again, A LOT of sunscreen!

Average Temperature

Degree (Celsius) 23°25°26°28°28°29°
Degree (Celsius)29°28°28°26°25°23°