Cuban Musicians and Bands

Overview Musicians
  • Celia Cruz
  • Rubén Blades
  • Buena Vista Social Club
  • Ibrahim Ferrer
  • Benny Moré
  • Los Van Van
  • Compay Segundo
  • Sierra Maestra
  • Tito Puente
  • Juan Luis Guerra

Ibrahim Ferrer

This Cuban singer was born in 1927 in Santiago de Cuba, where he began his career at the age of 14. In the early 50’s he was established as a singer in Pacho Alonso’s group, with which he performed for over 20 years. He was also guest singer for the Orquestas de Chepin and Beny Moré.

But by the 80’s he was out of the music business and working as a shoe shiner and surviving on a very small state pension.

Luck began to change when he began recording "A toda Cuba le gusta" with the Afro-Cuban All Stars, and with Ry Cooder’s "Buena Vista Social Club" project. In 1999 he released what was his record debut as a soloist, Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer, with which he won a Grammy for Best New Artist in the first edition of the Latin Grammy Prize Awards.