Salsa in Cuba

Overview Salsa
  • Created in the early 70’s
  • Originated from Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants in the US
  • Popular and joyful dance worldwide

Confusion as to the classification of Latin and Afro-Caribbean music can be attributed to marketing strategies rather than to actual musical differences.

After the Revolution in ’59 when many Cuban musicians were exiled in the U.S. a separation in the musical development in both countries began taking place. This separation caused a passionate debate on the terminology used to describe Cuban music in the U.S.

The word "Salsa" led to great controversy since its creation in the beginning of the 70’s. Many Cuban musicians insisted that salsa didn’t exist and that it was actually the Cuban Són dressed up for commercial purposes. But salsa ended up creating such a worldwide impact that it was finally given legitimacy. However, it must also be kept in mind that Puerto Rican musicians (and musicians from other Latin American countries) had a considerable hand in the preservation and development of this music in the U.S. and that their interpretation actually created something new and different to what was being played in Cuba.