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Amelia Peláez

Amelia Peláez (1897 - 1968)

Amelia Peláez was born in Yagüajay, in the province of Las Villas on the island of Cuba on January 5, 1897. She began studying at the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in 1916, where she remained until 1927.

Her first exhibition took place in 1924 in Havana, the same year in which she joined The New York Art Students’ League. In 1927 she traveled to Europe and settled in Paris. Here she attended Grande Caummiere’s free courses, the school of Fine Arts and the Louvre school, thus further developing herself as an artist. She displayed her work at an exhibition held at the Galería Zak in Paris, which is how people began to get to know her. She received praises from the French art critics, who emphasized her talent for “still life” paintings.

These years in Europe influenced her artistic style, which she took with her to Cuba in 1934. She settled back in her birth city where she continued to paint until her death.

She taught at the Estudio Libre para Pintores y Escultores and later at a public school located in the Cuban capital. In the 50’s she began exploring with pottery and muralism. Some of her works include Muchacha rubia (1931), Frutas (1940) and Interior con columnas (1951). She also illustrated books.