Cuban Artists

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  • Miguel Melero Rodríguez
  • Amelia Peláez
  • Carlos Enriquez
  • Wilfredo Lam
  • Marrio Carreño
  • Manuel Mendive

Manuel Mandive

Manuel Mendive (1944 - )

Manuel Mendive was born in Havana on December 15, 1944 and is now known as one of Cuba’s leading Afro-Cuban artists. Mendive received his art education at the San Alejandro School of Arts, from which he graduated in 1962 with honors in sculpture and painting.

Mendive’s work reflects his Afro-Cuban roots, mixing mythological themes in with imagery of the Santería religion, which his family practiced. Having participated in numerous exhibitions, his work is displayed in many of the world’s major museums, such as Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba, museums in USSR, Somalia, Congo, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Jamaica, among others. He has also received awards, not only in Cuba but also in France for his artwork.