Cuban History

Overview History
  • Pre-Hispanic Cuba
  • Spanish Conquest
  • Spanish Colonization
  • Towards Independence
  • Spanish American War
  • Independence with U.S. Dominion
  • The Batista Regime
  • The Castro Regime
  • Cuba Today

Towards Independence

Despite the fact that Spain loosened the tight rein she had over the colony somewhat, Spanish rule was nevertheless repressive in nature, that would meet with opposition sooner or later. By the early 19th century the population had increased considerably and it had got to the point where blacks began to outnumber the whites. Slave rebellions, which the Spaniards repressed brutally, became more frequent and the later generations of whites, the criollos (Spaniards born in Cuba) began sympathizing with the slaves’ cause.

Gradually an independence movement began to form and develop but it wasn’t until October 1868 that the First War of Independence broke out. The struggle was drawn out ten long years, finally ending in 1878 in a truce. Spain conceded to several reforms and amnesty for the rebels, although in the end the only reform that was effectively carried out was the abolition of slavery. In 1893 the equal status of blacks and whites was proclaimed.