Flirting in Cuba

Overview Flirting
  • Other customs regarding body contact and distances
  • Small flirts dare daily business
  • Politeness towards women
  • Machismo culture

Cuban Customs

One may find that interaction between men and women in Cuba differs slightly from other countries. Here, physical contact is more common than, say, in the U.S. or in most European countries. Cubans are naturally lively, happy and outspoken people. Their way of interacting with each other is easygoing and most formalities are done away with.

Generally both men and women enjoy each other’s company and may openly acknowledge this with a dazzling smile, and be warm and flirtatious. This may not necessarily mean anything though and can be considered as being part of Cuban nature. It will of course, depend on each particular situation, but don’t jump to hasty conclusions.

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Machismo in Cuba

Traditionally, like many other Spanish colonies of old, Cuba was known as one of the societies in which men have been known for their macho and chauvinistic behavior towards women. This however, has been changing with time and much less of this sort of attitude is seen nowadays. Despite hints of machismo, Cuban women nowadays are coming into their own and are fairly open.

  • Even so, standards are not what you may expect to find in the U. K. or in the U.S. and women, especially if traveling alone, can expect flirtatious comments to be called her way.
  • This is referred to as “piropeo” and is quite common not only in Cuba, but in other Latin American countries and even in Spain. Although this may seem rude or annoying, generally no harm is meant and is simply a natural way for men to express their admiration for women. Many take this as a compliment!
  • You may be surprised to find out that here women sometimes call out comments of these kinds to men.

Dating in Cuba

Dating and courtship rules have gradually been changing throughout the world as time has gone by. This is evident in some countries more than others. Cuba is on its way to becoming a more modern country, but with romantic issues, one will still find that many Cubans still tend to adhere to a more traditional outlook in this aspect.

The man is the one who will initially ask a woman out -it is very rarely the other way around – and when out on a date it is usually the man who will pay the bill. It is practically unheard of that a woman foot the bill at least on the first few dates. Usually this remains so until the relationship has become something more serious.

Flirting in Cuba

Flirting, as anywhere else in the world, is basically communication. It involves getting the right message across. Remember:

  • Modest behavior is appreciated and flaunting superiority, intelligence and ability is generally regarded a turn-off.
  • Personal appearance, image and human relationships are very important so be sure to put some thought into your outfit and attire as well as your greetings and farewells if you’re interested in making a good impression.
  • Apart from your behavior, looks and body-language, words form an important part of flirting. That’s where knowing the language comes in handy. This is just another of the many possibilities that speaking a language can bring you closer to.