Regions of Cuba

Overview Regions
  • Camagüey
  • Ciego de Avila
  • Cienfuegos
  • Granma
  • Guantánamo
  • Havana
  • Holguín
  • Isle of Youth
  • Las Tunas
  • Matanzas
  • Pinar del Río
  • Sancti Spiritus
  • Santiago de Cuba
  • Villa Clara
  • Other Offshore Islands

Ciego de Avila

This province is the flattest of all Cuban provinces and is generally low-lying. The highest parts do not exceed 50 m above sea level. Ciego de Avila has very fertile soil, given the underground irrigation system. The region’s primary produce includes sugar cane and pineapple plantations.

The province has marshy coasts and mangrove swamps as well as numerous keys. A large Indian population once inhabited this part of Cuba and one of the land’s popular tourist attractions are the semi-preserved sites of these by gone times. There are also traces of the fortifications that were built during the late 1800’s when the island was divided during the War of Independence.

Other interesting tourist attractions include Cayo Coco, the Turiguanó Island and Laguna de la Leche. To the south is the Labyrinth of the Twelve Leagues, a small archipelago with numerous keys and innumerable small barren islands. These do not offer tourist services, except for Caguamas, for which it is necessary to book a tour in advance.

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