French Literature

French Authors
  • Victor Hugo
  • Marcel Proust
  • Jules Verne
  • Charles Baudelaire
  • Molière
  • François Rabelais

Jules Verne (1828 - 1905)

Jules Verne was born in the French city of Nantes and is regarded as being the founder of modern science fiction. Starting out by studying law in Paris, he soon began to write short opera pieces and plays.

Verne lived in a time when interest in science and inventions was keen and he based many of his works on technological development. With his fantastic sense of adventure and imagination, Verne managed to predict many technological advances that had as yet not been invented but which would appear throughout the 20th century, such as air conditioning, space travel, submarines, helicopters, guided missiles and motion pictures.

Among his most popular books are:

  • "Around the World in 80 Days"
  • "20,000 Leagues under the Sea"
  • "From the Earth to the Moon" and "Mysterious Island".

Many films have later been made based on Verne’s incredible tales.