German Art and Architecture

German Art and Architecture
  • German Art in the Middle Ages
  • Renaissance and Baroque Art
  • 19th and early 20th Century Art
  • Post-war and Contemporary Art
  • The Presence of Art in Germany

The Presence of Art in Germany

Art is everywhere in Germany: the Städel Art Institute in Frankfurt, the Hamburg Picture Gallery, the old picture gallery in Munich, the Berlin Art Gallery, the Ludwig Museum in Köln.

Here the Old Masters come face to face with the representatives of newer tendencies. But there is also an "alternative art" scene; by simply walking the streets you'll run into sculptures in train stations and squares, exhibitions in banks and other facilities, graffiti.

Art has taken over public places in Germany a long time ago. A great example of this would be when wrap artists Jeanne Claude and Christo, completely wrapped Germany's "most public" building, the Parliament or Reichstag up in fabric in the summer of 1995. Over five million people came from all over the world to see this work of art.