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German Cities and Regions
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  • Harz Mountains


Bonn, located in the Rhine Valley among the Siebengebirge and Eifel hills, boasts a rich history dating back over 2000 years. A city where the electoral princes used to reside in and home to one of the most important German universities, Bonn has not lost its small residential city charm, despite having served as the FRG's capital during the years of Germany's division.

In winter Bonn enjoys a temperate climate, with a little snow and only a few days of frost. Summers are fairly warm, with an average temperature of over 18º C in July.

Tourist attractions in this peaceful city can be found in the government's area: the Hammerschmidt villa, the Palais Schaumburg, the Bundeshaus (former seat of the Federal Parliament) and the "Langen Eugen", the sky scarper housing the former offices of deputies. In this area the monument erected in honor of Adenauer is also to be found, in memory of the first chancellor of Federal Germany.

The city also boasts a beautiful historic city center that is a pedestrian-only area. Its jewel is the Münster (cathedral), one of the most beautiful Romantic churches in the Rhine region (from the 11th to 13th Centuries) with the only well preserved cloister dating back to that time in history situated to the north of the Alps. The Alte Rathaus (Old Town Hall) - rococo style - is found in the market square. In the house Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827) was born in visitors will be able to see the last piano ever used by the composer, as well as other other keepsakes and items of personal property belonging to the musical genius.

May is a month for celebrating in this city. The most important event is the "Rhine in Flames" event, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the green banks of the Rhine. Another major festival here is the "Museum Mile Festival" celebrated in June, opening the summer season with noteworthy exhibitions, concerts and a lot more. In late September, music enthusiasts get together at the International Beethoven Festival in Bonn.

Cultural tours around Bonn are ideal activities, given that the city's museums are the best in Germany; some of the most important include the Bonn City Museum, where one can wander through the halls reminiscing the city history; the Studio Baumhaus (Tree House Studio) a school and museum of Fine Arts; or the Academic Museum of Arts.