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To Rococo Rot

To Rococo Rot is a Berlin-based trio who combine electronic and acoustic elements to create instrumental post-rock and electronic music. The members of the group are bassist Stefan Schneider and the brothers Robert and Ronald Lippok. To Rococo Rot's origins go all the way back to a multimedia art exhibition of the same name organized by the brothers Lippock in Berlin in 1995. When the gallery owners suggested they record music instead of publishing a catalogue, the brothers recruited bassist Stefan Schneider (from the instrumental band Kreidler) and soon began editing their debut record.

The band's name is a palindrome, as it can be spelled the same both forwards and backwards. Their music can be defined as post rock instrumental, a rock, techno, ambient and jazz hybrid, although avoiding artistic pretentiousness. Their sound landscapes slide along the tracks of their albums, with samples acting as buffers of the catchy rhythms.

The group's debut arrived in 1996 in the form of an untitled picture disc. In 1997, the group recorded Veiculo with producer David Moufang. The later records include The Amateur View (1999), Music Is a Hungry Ghost (2001), Hotel Morgen (2004) and Speculation (2010).