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German Heavy Metal Music - Rammstein

Rammstein was formed in 1994, when a group of friends in East Germany got tired of working at a factory; they took on the name of the German town where 80 people died in an exhibition by the US Air Force. Their live shows, a mixture of horror theater, pyrotechnical spectacle and loud, fast and powerful music, became a favourite among audiences: their singer Till Lindemann, a former Olympic swimmer, sometimes sang entire songs wrapped in flames from head to toe. Their stage costumes range from Lederhosen, to corsets military uniforms and even diapers.

Rammstein's music spans a variety of musical styles, including heavy metal, industrial metal, hard rock, electronic music, and grunge with influences of punk rock, pop music and gothic rock. Until 2009, they released all their records with Universal Music Group and have sold over 15 million records worldwide. Since the formation of Rammstein in 1994, no member has left the band. According to statements of band members, Rammstein's aim is to draw attention by playing with controversy and bad taste, and have fun doing so.

The lyrics of Rammstein are an essential element of their music, as they are usually very controversial. Their songs are mainly in German, but Rammstein have also performed songs entirely or partially in other languages such as English or Spanish. The band also likes using elements such as lyrics of classical German literature ("Rosenrot") or marriage vows ("Du hast") and takes real life events as inspiration for a song's story, e.g. the Ramstein airshow disaster and the Meiwes and Fritzl cases.

The band's first record Herzeleid, edited in 1996, climbed the European charts fed by the reputation of their live shows and stayed within the rankings for two years, until the release of their second LP, Sehnsucht, in 1998. These two records established Rammstein as a band with a wider audience than just the German speaking public and they toured all around Europe. Since then, the Rammstein fever expanded without encountering language barriers. 2001 their album, Mutter, was released , followed by Reise, Reise in 2003, Rosenrot in 2005 and Liebe ist für alle da in 2007. In 2006, the band also released a Live DVD named Völkerball.