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German Krautrock Music - Neu!

Just like many other bands that were not well-known or spurned at the time they existed, but which left their mark on the next generation of musicians (the way it happened with Velvet Underground is a classic example), the German duo Neu! had greatly influenced the musical careers of musicians as varied as David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Pere Ubu, Julian Cope and Stereolab.

The band was formed in Düsseldorf in 1971, when multi-instrumental players Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger parted ways with Kraftwerk and recorded their record debut in four days; there they found their passion for minimalist melodies and accentuated rhythms. In 1973 they released their second record and due to lack of money, they were only able to record 2 complete songs -"Super" and "Neueschnee"-, which they remixed in different ways so as to complete the whole album.

Despite the fact that Rother joined other musicians to form the group Harmony, the band reunited in 1975 to record what many critics regard as their masterpiece, "Neu! 75". When the recording was done, the band separated again, both seeking solo projects. Although in the mid 1980's they got together for a second time to record their fourth track, the record never saw daylight until 1996.