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German Punk Music - Die Toten Hosen

"Die Toten Hosen" is a band thatwas formed in the early 1980's from the remains of two Düsseldorf punk bands: ZK and KFC. Given the fact that four of their members were called Andreas, they decided to change names to avoid confusion. From that moment on, singer Andreas Frege became Campino; guitarist Andreas Breitkopf became known as Breiti; rhythmic guitarist Andreas Von Holst went by the name Kuddel and bassist Andreas Meurer chose to be called Andi. Despite the fact that he could have kept his full name, drummer Wolfgang Rohde did not want to be different from his fellow band members and named himself Wölli.

Alter editing various albums in their home country Germany, the group signed a contract in 1992 with North American record label Carisma Records, through which they edited their record Learning English: Lesson 1. They had moderate success with this record, which has allowed them to continue recording and touring the world, from Japan to South America, where they have a large number of fans of their fast, entertaining music.

Die Toten Hosen have collaborated with numerous other musicians, such as AC/DC, U2, Rolling Stones and Bad Religion. They have toured Europe, South America, Australia and other regions and performed their 1000th concert on 28 June 1997 in front of more than 60,000 fans. Between 1983 and 2008, they released no less than 13 studio albums, plus several live albums and compilations.