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German Punk Music - Nina Hagen

Nina Hagen was born in East Germany in March 1955; her mother was an actress and her father a comedy script writer; she studied singing, drama, opera and dance since she was young. When she was ousted from East Germany in 1976, she was already a famous and outlandish singer.

Once in West Germany , she was hired by CBS Germany, with whom she edited her first album -Nina Hagen Band- in 1978. The punk influence, a result of her stay in London in 77, together with her impressive vocal register, created a unique blend that earned her the audience's collective support. In 1980 she recorded her second record, Unbehagen, another sales hit in Germany, Austria and Holland.

She released her next records, Nunsexmonkrock (1982) and Fearless (1984), through a North American record company, the latter being produced by Giorgio Moroder, and on which her greatest sales hit until that moment, "New York, New York" was recorded on. After Nina Hagen in Ekstacy (1985) she left the CBS label.

The birth of her daughter Cosma Shiva in 1981 marked a change in the singer, who headed more and more towards a new philosophy of life, ruled by religion and futuristic themes. Evidence of this passion for Oriental mysticism is her record Om Namah Shivay (1999), where she recreates mantras and Hindu devotional songs.