Lifestyle in Mexico

Overview Eating
  • Exotic and varied cuisine
  • Corn, beans, hot chili peppers and meat,...
  • Spanish and Indigenous influence
  • Typical Mexican dishes

Eating in Mexico

Much like the country itself, Mexican cooking is extremely rich and varied with plenty of color and flavor. Mexico is famous for its typical foods – there are Mexican restaurants in most countries, catering for that special Mexican cuisine. But for a truly authentic Mexican meal, there is no place like the country itself to go on a food sampling adventure.

Great cuisine definitely calls for first rate ingredients and fresh produce, but talented cooks are also part of the recipe, and here, the Mexicans have no problems whatsoever. They are gifted in creating wonderfully seasoned dishes using the ingredients that are unmistakably present in most Mexican dishes: basic ingredients such as corn, beans, lime juice and the famous hot chilies. Combinations of these ingredients with fresh vegetables, shellfish, meats and very importantly, herbs and spices make up the incredibly varied spread at a typical Mexican meal.

The ancient pre-Hispanic civilizations that lived here for centuries used corn as one of the staples in their diet. That is why corn, to this day, continues to be the foundation stone of Mexican cuisine. The beans provided the all important protein. When the Spaniards arrived, they continued using these ingredients, adding a few of their own, such as cheese, sugar, garlic, cereals, rice, wine, meats and sausages flavored with spices and thus creating a blend, which is reflected in so many other aspects of Mexican lifestyle and culture, such as literature, art and architecture, to name a few.

  • Mexican cooking can basically be described as a cuisine with basic, honest dishes that are simple but packed with flavor. Mexican cooks rely heavily on corn, chilies, protein-dense beans and tasty herbs and spices. These few basic ingredients are present throughout the various dishes found in Mexico’s different regions, each of which has its own little twist.
  • Other common ingredients include meat, poultry, shellfish, fish, fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, avocado, coconut, pineapple, papaya and prickly pear cactus and nuts. Two other very common elements featured in Mexican cuisine include limes and the spice termed coriander (cilantro), which is used to enhance many dishes and give them that extra touch.

Mealtimes are usually noisy, leisurely family affairs that allow people to relax and enjoy each other's company. They can stretch on for hours and may even be followed by the traditional afternoon siesta. At a formal dinner, the hosts indicate the seating arrangements for the guests. In such cases older people and women are seated first.

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