Mexican Culture

Mexican Culture
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When surveying Mexico’s history, we can see a very rich palette of civilizations and events that have marked the land and its people and contributed to what Mexico has become today. The pre-Hispanic civilizations in general were very intelligent peoples, with intricate ruling systems and religious beliefs. Scientifically they were well advanced in comparison with other civilizations of the time around the world. With the arrival of the Spanish, European influences mingled with the indigenous inhabitants of the region and this blend is what Mexico is all about.

All cultures have left traces of their past and can be seen in Mexico today, in different aspects, whether in the language, the arts, the beliefs, the cuisine and the celebrations. Evidence of the Spanish conquistadors is especially marked in the language, the Roman Catholic beliefs and the colonial-style architecture. However, indigenous features that once belonged to the native people of the Mexican valley also shine through even to this day, especially in the handicrafts, the exquisite traditional Mexican dishes, the typical woolen woven blankets and the festivities.

What we see in Mexico today is definitely an interesting mixture, where elements from both worlds have combined over the centuries to form the unique atmosphere of Mexico, where we are welcomed by the warmth and generous nature of its people.

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