Lifestyle in Mexico

Overview Events and Celebrations
  • Several religious celebrations
  • National and regional holidays
  • Carnival in February
  • Calender with important events

Mexican Events and Celebrations

With its long historical traditions and lively culture, Mexico is a country with a very full “events and celebrations” calendar. In Mexico, 90% of the population is Roman Catholic, so many of these festivals and celebrations are of a religious nature. Some are celebrated on a national level while others are regional, and adhered to by only a specific part of the country. But all of them form an important part of this country’s essence. Hardly a month goes by without some sort of celebration being held somewhere around Mexico.

As we just mentioned, most of the most important celebrations here are tied to their Roman Catholic belief and you will find many festivals honoring the Madonna or many of the saints.

But extremely characteristic of Mexico are also some of the non-religious events which are mainly tied to patriot dates, such as Flag Day or Constitution Day.

Carnaval, held in February is a colorful and lively affair and shouldn’t be missed, and Navy Day is also a unique holiday to see.

For a calendar with Mexico’s most important dates, click here.