Mexican Music

Overview Music
  • Influences from different traditions
  • Internationally famous Mariachi music
  • Traditional Mexican music
  • Famous Mexican musicians and bands

A great mix of musical styles has emerged here in the Mexican valley, with influences from many other lands. One of the most recognized and typically associated with Mexico and Mexican idiosyncrasy is the traditional Mariachi music. Folk music plays an important part of the Mexican musical and traditional dance scene, and is present in all events and festivals as one of Mexico’s trademarks.

Other styles of music have also developed here and evolved; including more contemporary and international style music, as can be seen in our performers section. Here we will focus primarily on the traditional forms of Mexican music and mention some of the most famous traditional and contemporary artists that Mexico has produced. Find out about some of Mexico’s most important traditional musical styles and artists under the following links.

  • Traditional Mexican Music
  • Mexican Musicians and Bands