Lifestyle in Mexico

Overview Safety
  • Use traveller's cheques
  • Deposit valuables in hotel safe
  • Avoid attention-catching jewelery
  • Don't leave valuable items in the car
  • Beware travelling alone

Safety in Mexico

Crime in Mexico

Although crime is on the increase in Mexico, as it is elsewhere in the world, violent crime is fairly rare. However, if you don’t learn to avoid certain situations, unpleasant incidents can take place, especially in higher risk areas of the larger cities such as train stations or in the seedier neighborhoods. Most incidents related to street crime involve unattended objects or pick pocketing. Such petty crime is not uncommon and whether you travel back home with all of your belongings will depend on your taking some good advice on this matter.

But be sure that Mexico is definitely a safe place for tourists, all the more so if you manage to follow these little tips:

  • The best way of dealing with money is through the use of traveler’s cheques. You can go changing these as you need money.
  • Wear a hidden pouch with your credit cards, money, and travelers checks tucked safely inside – this way you avoid thieves who are attracted to bulky wallets and purses.
  • If possible, leave all valuable items (jewelry, travelers cheques, credit cards, airplane tickets, etc) in a hotel safe or security box at the place you are staying. Another option is finding businesses that offer safety deposit boxes and security services.
  • Don't wear flashy jewelry, watches, etc. The less attention you draw to yourself, the more likely you'll be to get left alone.
  • Don’t leave luggage in an unwatched car.
  • Don't drive at night, and you won't be asked to pay an "unauthorized toll" on some lonely two lane stretch of highway.
  • Take out a traveler’s insurance policy to cover any losses from robbery or misplacement.
  • Travel in groups. It's more than ok to walk around after dark here, even downtown, but make sure there are at least two of you.