Lifestyle in Mexico

Overview Shopping
  • High-quality clothes and jewelery
  • Unique souvenirs and colorful handicrafts
  • Long opening hours in tourism areas and shopping centres

Shopping in Mexico

Mexico is definitely a shopper’s paradise. You will find all sorts of things on sale in the stores, central bazaars and market places, ranging from trinkets and souvenirs to beautiful arts and crafts and even high-quality silver work.

You will find souvenirs all over the place. The most popular include the ever famous Mexican sombrero, t-shirts, other hats and caps, key rings and small wooden sculptures. The folk art and traditional handicrafts are not to be missed. They burst with color and are truly one of a kind. You will find that as you move from region to region this folk art and other traditional goods such as clothing vary. Interesting handicrafts to look at and consider as gifts, include woven fabrics, mats and blankets, hammocks, baskets, earthenware goods and pottery, hand-painted wooden sculptures and handmade toys. It is also possible to find good quality copper, onyx and leather goods.

Traditional masks and musical instruments are also great things to take back home as memories of a Mexican holiday.

It is okay to bargain a little regarding the price, in general it is expected. Prices will vary as you move around, generally the further you are from the large cities and towns, the cheaper the prices. Beware of goods made with illegal items, such as animal parts of animals that are protected species such as the Quetzal bird, tortoise or turtle by products.

Trading Hours:

Generally Monday-Saturday 9 am-8 pm. Many smaller stores close for a few hours in the afternoon, to ensure they enjoy the traditional siesta!

Useful words and phrases:

  • caro/cara - expensive
  • barato/barata - cheap
  • comprar - to buy
  • vender - to sell
  • abierto - open
  • cerrado - closed
  • pagar - to pay
  • efectivo - cash
  • la tarjeta de credito - the credit card
  • el recibo - the receipt
  • ¿Cuánto cuesta? - How much does it cost?
  • Es demasiado caro. - It's too expensive.
  • ¿Podria mostrarme … ? - Could you show me…?
  • Voy a pagar al contado. - I'm going to pay cash.
  • Voy a pagar con tarjeta. - I’m going to pay with my credit card.
  • Sólo estoy mirando. - I'm just looking.