Lifestyle in Mexico

Overview The typical Mexican
  • Tradition of Indigenous origins
  • US influence on language and culture
  • Out-dated clichés
  • Chaotic but caring and family-oriented people

The Typical Mexican

The big question is if we can really talk about a ‘typical Mexican’ anymore. Considering the globalized world we live in today, everyone is in touch with a host of different cultures and differences between these different cultures begin to blur a little. Barriers begin to fade as immigration and the mass media continue to grow.

  • Nowadays, cultural diversity is the prevalent factor. You will still find plenty typical Mexican dishes, traditions and customs, however foreign ideas, products and even traditions have filtered into the country and are hardly the exception anymore.
  • First, Spanish culture left a pronounced mark on pre-Hispanic culture, and in the past few decades, North American influences have flowed over the border and also left their mark here. An example of this American influence is the impact on the language and “borrowed” English words.

If we use the typical cliché to describe a Mexican, we might, for example, immediately think of a not too tall someone, with big moustaches, in a big sombrero getting together with the rest of the Mariachi band to play under the balcony of his sweetheart, and who may enjoy a good cockfight or bullfight on a Sunday afternoon. But are Mexicans really like that? We would actually be more accurate if we sidestep such clichés. A trip to Mexico will confirm that such fore drawn conclusions can be misleading and totally wrong.

Mexicans are generally hardworking individuals and are very family–oriented. Children are very dear to them and they also pay special attention to their elderly or disabled relatives and family members. Meal times and especially holidays and festivities are times when Mexicans enjoy the company of their families.

However, should you be interested in finding a word that we can safely assume describes all Mexicans as a whole, it would be the way most of them challenge the problems and fears which may seem hardest to overcome – they laugh in the face of tragedy and simply regroup their strength to continue on ahead.

Mexico is a land filled with traditions from its interesting past and rich cultural background.