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Spanish Literature
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Early 20th Century Spanish Literature

The vigorous intellectual currents triggered by the Generation of '98 continued flourishing until after World War I. An especially eminent generation of poets, known as the Generaton of 1927, blossomed during the second and third decade of the Century, contributing to Spain’s cultural life until the Spanish Civil War thwarted all creative activity in Spain, forcing many intellectuals into silence or exile.

One of the most important poets from this generation was Federico García Lorca, and others, such as Jorge Guillén, Rafael Alberti, and Vicente Aleixandre y Merlo also made notable contributions. In prose genres, José Ortega y Gasset, one of Spain’s most talented essayist, depicted the nation’s sentiment very clearly through his multiple essays. Important novels were written by Ramón Pérez de Ayala, Gabriel Miró Ferrer, Benjamín Jarnés and Ramón Sender.