Spanish Music

Artists of Classical Music
  • Andrés Segovia
  • Antonio Soler
  • Enrique Granados
  • José Carreras
  • Manuel de Falla
  • Pablo Casals
  • Plácido Domingo

Spanish Classical Music

Spain is a country with very distinct stages in the development of its classical music. An important feature is the zarzuela, a form of opera which emerged in the 17th Century. In the following century, well-known piano composer, Antonio Soler contributed in a great way to Spanish classical music, as did Enrique Granados and Manuel de Falla in the 20th Century. Other famous Spanish contemporary musicians include, among others, guitarist Andrés Segovia, who’s music had a marked influence on Paco de Lucía, and cellist Pablo Casals.

Two of the famous ‘Three Tenors’ are Spanish, namely José Carreras and Plácido Domingo.